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Cambio de idioma SPA942 y SPA922

Tenia guardado por las esquinas del disco duro este manual de como cambiar el idioma de los linksys SPA942 y SPA922.

SPA9XX supports setting of an alternative language on the user display. The language

support follows Cisco dictionary principle, when administrator (service provider) defines

the languages available (up to 9) and hosts the dictionaries for each of the languages (plus

english) in a provisioning server (tftp, http).

Following parameters can be defined in the configuration file of SPA942:

Default is blank

Max. size: 512 characters


serv={server ip port and root path};











Example value:



Language Selection: This parameter is used to select the default language. Its

value needs to match with one of the languages indicated in the Dictionary Server

Script (dx value).

Default is blank

Max. size: 512 characters

Example value:


These parameters can be modified also from the WebUI, on the Regional settings tab, as

shown in figure below.

The phone, at startup, checks the selected/preferred language and downloads the

dictionary from a tftp/http server, indicated in the configuration.

The dictionaries are available at

http://www.linksys-itsp.com under FW and Tools

section, LVS area. Currently dictionaries are available for the following languages:

English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, French, Portuguese, Danish and Swedish.

The end user is able to change the language of the phone from the user menu, by

following these steps:

Click Setup button - > select language (option18) -> select edit to change language ->

click option to change among the different languages - > click OK -> click save

3 comentarios:

Anibal Pablo dijo...

che no tenes los xml de para cambiarle el idioma?

Adolfo dijo...

¿y con los 941? actualizado al ultimo firmware, 5.1.8, no aparecen esos campos en la pestaña Regional.

Se puede realizar de alguna otra manera

Adolfo dijo...

¿ y con 941 ?

actualizado al ultimo firmware no existen esos campos, luego

¿como se podria hacer?